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Recently turned the boiler on and it’s not working properly?

Common boiler problems after being off for the summer

As an emergency plumbing and heating company, winter is obviously our busiest time but would you believe that October is actually one of our busiest months of the year? January and February are obviously busy because of the cold weather but October is particularly so because that’s when people start turning their heating back on again after the summer break. This is often the greatest test for a boiler. There are some common issues that can occur when you turn the heating on and we’ve covered many aspects of this on the blog before so it seems like a good time to take a look back at some previous posts that may be of help:

Radiators not heating up properly

There can be several reasons why some or all radiators may not be heating or experiencing cold spots.

Wireless thermostat not connecting to the boiler

A remote thermostat is a separate unit that connects to your boiler wirelessly. You can find that it fails to reconnect to the boiler when the heating goes back on again.

Water not heating properly

This could be an issue of the weather turning cooler rather than caused by your boiler itself but it could also be down to low water pressure, a scaled heat exchanger, an airlock or faulty diverter valve.

Boiler kettling

You may find that your boiler makes an odd whistling noise when you turn the heating back on. This is commonly known as kettling and can mean that water is getting too hot in the heat exchanger and is starting to steam.

Getting ready for autumn

If you’ve turned your heating on and everything is ok, don’t be complacent. There are a number of proactive things you can be doing now to keep your heating and plumbing working well over the winter period.

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