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New Boiler Installation Leicestershire

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We know that installing a new boiler can be a big, and often stressful, decision. So we’ve put together a simple guide to boiler installation to help you make sense of it all. It covers some of the common considerations beforehand, what the installation entails, and what happens afterwards. First, however, here are some key facts about boilers.

There are three basic types – the combi, the conventional and the system boiler. Choosing the right one for your home will depend on things like whether you have a gas connection, your hot water requirements, how much space you have and what you want your efficiency to be. Changing your old boiler for the same type generally makes installation easier. But, for many, the benefits of switching to a new, energy efficient boiler outweigh any disruption.

If you live in a large family home, you’re likely to have higher water usage than a single occupant in a one-bedroom apartment. Generally speaking, conventional boilers are better suited to meet higher water demands, and combi are best for lower usage.

If you’re pushed for space in your home, combi boilers are a good option since they don’t require a hot water cylinder.

For ease of installation and minimal disruption, it’s best to have your new boiler fitted in the same place as the old one. Most people tend to go for kitchens or cupboards, but you can place it in almost any room, as long as it has the correct pipework and you can position the flue correctly.