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Gas Boiler Servicing

Gas Boiler Servicing Leicestershire

Boiler servicing and more

We offer two types of service for your gas boiler, both are vital for the continued safety of your appliance and prevent future breakdowns –

Annual Service: This is a regular service required for most customers. It starts with a visual check to ensure the boiler and associated pipework are installed and positioned correctly. We then open the appliance, to check all visible seals are intact, check the condition of components and general running of the boiler. The gas pressure and flow will be checked, the flue and combustion readings using a flue gas analyser, safety devices, expansion vessel pressure where necessary and more. We also empty out condensate traps and heating filters so everything is clean ready for another 12 months use.

Full Strip Down Service: This really will prolong the life of your boiler and help bring it back to near ‘new’ condition. The requirements are individual to each manufacturer but as a general rule this is advised every 5 years. Most modern boilers have sealed heat exchangers and burners that are accessible to be cleaned out but in order to access these components gaskets and seals are disturbed which then must be replaced at cost. Other components such as ignition electrodes can wear over years and require replacing. A full strip down service is tailored to each individual boiler and we will need the exact model of your boiler to be able to check what parts are needed to bring to the service and therefore we quote for these jobs individually. Please contact the office to plan your full strip down service and get an exact price. These visits will usually last a couple of hours.